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Our Vision

That They May Know
That They May Grow
That They May Go!

  • We have a vision to see the lost saved, across the street and across the sea, and to see the saved baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • We have a vision to provide a full gospel environment in which one can freely worship the Lord Jesus Christ as the Spirit leads, regardless of style.
  • We have a vision to supply adults, youth, and children with a quality education in, experience of, and encounter with, the triune Godhead.
  • We have a vision to equip people for God's service and provide them avenues to engage in that service.
  • We have a vision to be Christ's hand extended to those with physical and spiritual needs in our church and in the community.
  • We have a vision to help people see the relevance of the Bible and the importance of prayer in their daily lives.
  • We have a vision to provide a safe harbor into which anyone can sail and know they will be welcome and among friends.