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Be a Sanctuary Church

We ask you, Lord, to work your word into our hearts so that we might not sin against you.

This world is in trouble with threats like North Korea and from divisions within our own borders.

There has been great turmoil regarding immigration and deportation. Which is worse, the risk of crime from some illegal aliens or risk from the factions of dispute.

Sanctuary cites in the U.S., are cities that defy government laws regarding immigration. Ann Arbor and Detroit are sanctuary cities. Chicago is suing the federal government for the threat of withholding federal funds from the city over that issue.

Sanctuary Churches are implementing a similar strategy.

The church should be a sanctuary church.

Psalm 91. whoever dwells in the shadow…, 

If God be for us, who can be against us.

Psalm 127.

We need to be a sanctuary church for people seeking the un-compromised gospel of Jesus Christ.

Remember 1 Corinthians 13 and also the 10 commandments.

Be a sanctuary for people fleeing the depravity around them in the world.

Ps. 23 He leads me on the paths of righteousness for his name sake.

The way is wide that leads to destruction. 

Believe in holiness, heaven and hell. There is only one name under heaven by which we must be saved. People need to know.

Opiate use may be declared a national emergency by our president, it is already and emergency right here.

Be sanctuary for teens who need healthy caring relationships without compromised purity.

The world has gone bonkers on the issue of fake news.

The truth gets much more obvious when you read it in the bible.

Be a sanctuary church for people who want to speak to and hear from God. Jesus said, my Father’s house will be called a house of prayer.

The true church of Jesus Christ, is not the brick and mortar, but rather the people, the saints who are called by his name to serve Him. We are collectively and individually the sanctuary for those who need the salvation only found in Jesus.

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