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Never give in

Not every difficulty is spiritual warfare, but it does seam that way when so many things add up at the same time.

The enemy of our soul still seeks to kill, steal and destroy.

Churchill spoke at a school during the time of German bombings in World War II and said, “Never give in.”

What can we learn from people who do not give up in the battle?

Not everybody endures to the end. Those attending church are more likely to keep going.

For instance, the Tippie’s meet on Sunday nights each month.

Justin Evans, is a student at MSU, is not hear usually, but he still called requesting to be part of the prayer chain.

There is strength in numbers.

People with a devotional life have their strength renewed.

Read the bible and you can trust in the truth written therein.

If we do not trust his word, we will not trust God either.

Remember what God has done in the past and you will be confident in the future.

Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord.

The story of Noah is one of faith and of never giving up.

There was no flood rain in his life. People will mock you for decades.

What would give Noah enough confidence to follow that course and endure the criticism?

What would motivate him to carry on every morning?

Just like him, we are called to give our lives in service to the Lord.

Gen. 6:9 tells us, Noah was a righteous man, blameless and he walked faithfully with God.

Long before the calling to build the ark, Noah had settled his mind on trusting the faithfulness of God.

He already relied on the promises of God. He already decided to serve the cause of Christ.

Gen. 6:22, Get 7:5 — Noah did all that the Lord commanded. The decision was just a succession of many similar decisions.

Noah was convinced that his God is trustworthy.

To live is Christ, to die is gain.

Submit to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee.

We surrender all to the cause of Christ, and we ask for your blessing.

Even still we stand on the promise of your word no matter what we see in your circumstances.

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