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Jeff and April Brown

Guest speakers Jeff and April Brown.

Jeff: We all have a story, not just here, not just in Badaxe where we are from. Everywhere there is a story that is still being written.
Married to April for 25 years. Jeff still working as an engineer.
God wants to do even more with you.
Who has heard of Moldova? Back when April was in school, Moldova was still part of the Soviet Union. In 1991 it became an independent country. The country is independent for 22 years, but the mindset is still the same, and 80% of the people live below the poverty level. The capital is Kishnow has 600,000 people. The country is half the size of lower Michigan. Moldova has a large social orphan population, because of
The country is a source for human trafficking. Semi tractor with 24 in back, (8 dead) and people were trying to get out.
17,000 per year lost from Moldova.
Back in 2004 we lived in Pennsylvania, and moved to Michigan. We were going to church some times in Penn. On first day of work Jan 1. 2005 in Michigan, so guy invited to church and started to attend.
When you have a calling in life, you will hear from God in ways that you don’t understand. Soon Jeff was a leading a bible study.

April: We moved to Michigan for Jeff’s job. God had other plans. Youth director left the small church and she was asked to fill the role. God equips the called.
Crying on the couch, had the sense that God needed her to trust him. At a youth group trip, was baptized in a sense and realized there is so much more in God. Jeff was having weird dreams like he was preaching. It was happening similarly for Jill

Jeff: God was waking me up every night around 2 am. So Jeff figured he should eliminate pizza and change his sleep habits. He said to God, what do you want me to do, and the answer was, I want you on my team. He wants to do something not just in you, but for others too.
Pastor recommended the Berean online school, but it was not fitting into the schedule. Did only three classes in a year.
Pastor mentioned Michigan School of Ministry in Grass Lake so we looked into that.

April: We both took classes. Jeff thought he was going to be an engineer his whole life. How did we get to Moldova? Credentialing with Assembly of God comes with interviews and they ask, what do you feel like God is calling you to. They were passionate about outreach to their community, but did not have a sense of the long term vision. So, they prayed. In 2015, at general council in Florida, we knew God had the plan, and we met the Longues.

Jeff: On a Tuesday with church planting on the schedule, the Lord made some free time for coffee. The coffee was in the world missions display, and that section is huge, and we met John and Adrian Longue. They plant churches in Moldova. We felt like this is what God had planned. Planting hope, healing and freedom. They figured that simply, they will make friends. Taking out the garbage, past the wild dogs, I met a group of people at the dumpster waiting for the new arrivals.
The Moldova country is mostly roman orthodox catholic, but the mindset is still communist oppression. People are looking for someone to give them direction.

April: There is always some else on the other side of your obedience. We go to help share the hope and freedom with the young people in Moldova. As Jeff Lavin says, we are better together. Together we will reach those who are on the other side of our obedience.

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