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Memorial Day

Phil McIntire, Memorial Day message.

John 15:13 Greater love has no man than this..
What is remembering for us.
2 Cor 2:15
Psalms 119:11
In training, we learned what terrain to use and how to handle combat situations.
1 Sam 18.3

What is covenant:
Jonathan and David made a covenant.
The root word of covenant means to cut.
Keith can tell you about the blood covenant truces from the old movies that make people blood brothers.
People in a covenant together were called friends. Abraham was a friend of God.
Loving kindness
Psalm 51:
Psalm 25:6 remember o Lord thy mercies and loving kindness.
The covenant is carried on by the families of participants
Psalm 25:14 the secret of the lord is with them…
1 Sam. 18:1
Robe was a symbol of Jonathan position as heir to the kingdom.
The sword, bow and belt given to David represented Jonathan’s power.

Saul and David fought together in battles and Saul became insane over the greater fame that David had earned.

1 Sam. 19: 1-2 Saul told his attendants to kill David
Saul and Jonathan were eventually killed and David became the king.
Mephibosheth carried off to safety, but in the rush, his legs were crushed.
2 Sam 9:1
David said unto Ziba, I will surely show you kindness for the sake of your father.
vs 9 All Saul’s lands restored.

Luke 14:22
This cup is the new covenant in my blood. In our analogy, we are like Mephibosheth.

Adrian Rogers story on a plane with a book titled Repent or Else. An inebriated man sat next to Adrian and asked about the book.
The man explained that his wife had left him to follow the directions of a religious cult leader she was following. Adrian pointed out that the man did not know God well enough to hate God.
1 John 3:1
When the devil tells you that you are not worthy, don’t try to prove otherwise, instead, point to the blood covenant.
Jonathan had to confirm his acceptance the covenant David had made with his father, and doing so, he was the recipient of the blessing from that covenant.

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