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Church in the Wild

There is a story of a boy wanted to get a car, so he asked his dad.

Dad said he had prepared for this time in the boys life so he has a book for his son to read. After reading the book then they can talk about the boy having a car.

The son put off reading the book for months but still kept asking about getting a car. he was getting antsy about even though he had not followed his father's instructions.

Finally, after waiting all summer and pestering his dad again, the dad told his son to go get the book and open to the last page where it was written, "the keys are in my pocket and your car is in the neighbor’s garage.

Think of an elephant who gets trained to believe that a little stake in the ground can keep him restrained. The baby elephant is roped to a strong tree until it learns that escape is futile, then as an adult, the elephant assumes it still can not break away even when roped to a small stake.

We want to stop being tamed and become the church in the wild, living with all the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

When Churches make it acceptable for people to do NOTHING and call themselves Christ followers, that is when they begin do die.

1) A church in the wild chooses to see things others ignore.

Luke 10:25-35

The most important scriptures: Love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Think of the story of the good samaritan who came upon a wounded victim of thieves. 

Where do we put our priorities, having money for retirement, or do we put our effort into eternal rewards?

The Samaritan saw the man in need  and took pity on him and bandaged him with his own clothes. He would know that he will never get those clothes back, and even more so, he gave his oil and wine and then paid the price for him to be restored. 

That sounds like the same thing Jesus did for us.

As followers of Christ, we need to see things that other religious people ignore.

We are relentless in pursuing things that we deem valuable.

2) A church in the Wild recognizes that God has put the power in the people.

Unlike that frustrating present I received as a child, when Jesus gives you new life, the batteries are included, and they are rechargeable.

Acts 1:8 — You will receive power when the holy spirit comes upon you.

Romans 8:11 — …because of His Spirit who lives in you.

John 14:12 …anyone who believes in me… will do even greater works

3) The Samaritan took pity on the man

I have a dream that we will be a church that reaches out to the unwanted people and care for their needs.

Amy Carmichael was a woman in Ireland who wanted to be a missionary. She found an organization that would be willing to send her to India. She arrived with a  great fever, but she recovered and reached out to server the distressed children who were recruited as slaves in the temples.

She rescued over 1,000 children.

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